Cirian Cart'yCrítico de arte

Con Rosa Luque en animada conversación en su domicilio madrileño, 1991

... "I don't follow any 'isms' or movements", 79 years old Botí tells me in chalet in the mountains overlooking Madrid, near where Velázquez used to paint his skies. "The source of my inspiration is nature and simple things".

Trees an animals (invariably a hen or a dog) rather than people inhibit his landscapes which, illuminated with limpid colours, have changed little since as a young man he came under the influence of Vázquez Díaz and teh great Cordoban romantic painter Julio Romero de Torres. They are filled with a sense of harmony and timelessness, an absolute serenity. "The only message in my work is beaty, peace and silence", Botí tells me.

Cirian Cart'y
"Sunday Independent", julio 1979

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